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Passionately pursuing Christ...
                                   while providing a safe and individualized education.

Our mission is to prepare students to impact their world for Christ, by equipping them with a solid education, by empowering them with a biblical worldview, and by inspiring them through godly leadership to be successful in all they do.

New Life Christian School is an independent Christian school located in the San Gaberial Valley. Our purpose is to serve families who desire a Christian education for their children, not simply a private school education.


Our school was established in 2003 as a safe harbor for students who were bullied in the local public schools and for students who were falling through the cracks and and failing to survive in the traditional classroom environment. Since then, we have had over 85% of our students graduate high school and of our graduates, 82% have gone on to college. We have had students with fewer than a hundred credits meet the California High School Graduation Requirements, graduate, and continue their education at the college level.

God has truly blessed us with a such a high success rate, considering California public schools have only a 71% graduation rate and of those only 41% go on to college (California Department of Education). We continue on with spiritually building and nurturing the lives and minds of hundred of young Christians.


New Life Christian School seeks to encourage participation in Christian Service as an integral part of the student’s life. Each student is given an opportunity to live out the Gospel and to love one another as they themselves would like to be loved. However, in order to love in this way, they must go beyond simply doing good work for the sake of the work itself, but to learn to recognize the needs of others, no matter how small with true love and grace.

"I liked going to school here because the teachers at New Life are great and I love how small it is. It made me feel special and important, and I kn0w they care."

                                              -- Breann


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