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Learning doesn't just take place in the classroom!


We like to take learning outside of the classroom and offer our students opportunities to experience the world they live in through their participation in various activities, sports, and retreats. We also have a Booster group in which the whole family can enjoy. Activities outside of the classroom are vital to developing a well-rounded flourishing mind and New Life Christian School likes to have a hand in challenging a young person to grow not only academically, but emotionally and spiritually. That’s why we take learning outside of our classroom walls!


New Life Christian School offers a wide variety of events, and  activities where students can build lasting friendships and develop leadership skills. We have an Associated Student Body, as well as several service and activity or academically oriented clubs, Through our curriculum we are able to offer a fall and spring program where students are allowed to showcase what they have been working on through the semester. We have had students sing, perform, sign songs in American Sign Language, and use puppets to demostrate their skills and talents God has given them.

New Life Christian school  has a partnership with Rosemead High School.Students who wish to participate in any CIF sport Rosemead has to offer is allowed to attend try-outs, and if they make the team, would play for Rosemead High School as an NLCS student. We have had students play for Rosemead's football team, baseball team, girls' basketball team, and soccer team. This allows our students to take advantage of the competitive CIF sports and of learning team work.

Booster Club

We feel it is important for our students to get away from their everyday life and experience God in a new fashion. It has been a tradition at New Life Christian School to take learning outside of the classroom to experience God from a different perspective. We have seen God's hand from the beauty of Hume Lake, His Grand Canyon masterpiece, Victory Ranch, Lake Havasu and all its glory, Palm Springs and, Laughlin. When you step outside the walls of the classroom and seek God, God reveals Himself in ways that are unfathomable. We want your student to experience God in beauty they live in!

"Visiting the Grand Canyon was a total blast and I can't wait for us to do something like that again soon!"   -Elijah


"The activities that we get to do are extremely exciting and very educational. They teach me a lot about life. I've gotten to make ice cream and rock candy and I even got to meet a famous chef. This is the place where I learn all about God and it gives me hope for my future."    -Mathew

Our Booster Club is one of the best! They work so hard to provide a great experience for the students and staff at New Life Christian School. The Booster Club thinks of the needs of the students and are will to allocate funds to assist the teachers in having any classroom materials they need or desire, and they help cut the cost of events for parents by their generous support. Our Boosters have been responsible for purchasing ceiling fans for the classroom, repairing the basketball court, buying a classroom document camera, as well as various science supplies. The Booster Club has also hosted Enchilada Dinners, Bake Potato Bars, booths at El Monte’s Holiday House and Spooktacular, winter and spring boutiques and bake sales plus so much more. With the funds they raised, they have helped out with providing chicken and sandwiches for our End-of-the-Year Picnic, Teacher Appreciation gifts, and are even looking to put money towards replacing the classroom floor! Our Boosters love New Life Christian School and we are so very appreciative of them. Plus, they are fun and making being a part of the Boosters fun and are like a family!

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